Now that moesa's back at crenshaw she she faces ALOT of changesEdit

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Season 4: 1998–1999[edit]Edit

Series # Episode # Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production


62 1 Meeting Brandy" Henry Chan Sara V. Finney October 6, 1998 6498-062
Five months later, and Moesha still hasn't returned home. After Kim forgets to purchase tickets to a sold-ouadvice. 
63 2 "Homecoming" Henry Chan Vida Spears October 13, 1998 6498-063
Without Moesha( Brandy Norwood) around, Myles begins to miss his sister. Moesha helps her friends with their Homecoming preparations. Grandma Mitchell visits the family and stirs up a heated conversation over Moesha and Frank's disagreements. Myles tries to make an attempt to keep the family together (reminiscent to the 1997 movie Soul Food). After all the hostility dies down, Frank tells Moesha that he wants her to return home. 
64 3 "Hello, What's This?" Henry Chan Fred Johnson October 20, 1998 6498-064
When Frank( William Young) and Dee find a marijuana cigarette in the house, all suspicion leads to Moesha( Norwood). After wrongfully accusing Moesha, they are all shocked to learn that the joint belonged to Myles. 
65 4 "Psyche Your Mind" Henry Chan Jacque Edmonds October 27, 1998 6498-065
Dee convinces the family to join Myles in a family therapy session, but Moesha decides to ditch the session to hang out with her friends. Frank reschedules the session so that everyone can attend and everyone begins to open up and express their feelings towards one another. 
66 5 "Teacher" Henry Chan Ralph R. Farquhar November 3, 1998 6498-066
A new teacher starts work at Crenshaw High School, and Moesha makes a bold move and kisses him. Worrying about the consequences involved between teacher-student relationships, Channing decides to leave Crenshaw High for good. 
67 6 "I Know What You Did in the 3rd Grade" Henry Chan T. Smith III and James E. West II November 10, 1998 6498-069
Moesha, Kim and Hakeem think a bully named Devon Stamps, from their third grade class, is stalking them, due to a practical joke that turned ugly. 
68 7 "A Terrible Thing Happened on My Tour of College" Henry Chan Calvin Brown, Jr. November 17, 1998 6498-067
Musical guest: Big Pun; Moesha and her friends visit Charisse, Moesha's cousin, at Maynard University during Prospective Freshman Weekend. While there, they tour the entire campus and meet new friends (Iris and Mervin) as well as Moesha's ex-boyfriend Aaron. Old sparks flame again for Moesha and Aaron, but she becomes more interested in Mervin. Later, Mervin slips Moesha a drug in her drink, but Aaron comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Myles has a slumber party. 
69 8 "Birth Control" Erma Elzy-Jones Mara Brock Akil November 24, 1998 6498-068
When Nicey reveals that she is the first one of the group to have sex, a curious Moesha visits a health clinic to find answers to her questions. She is prescribed birth control pills which Dee finds resulting in a talk about sex. Moesha meets Aaron for a romantic night but all doesn't go as planned. 
70 9 "A Class Act Christmas" Shirley Jo Finney Ron Neal December 15, 1998 6498-070
Moesha and Hakeem are bummed to learn that Eddie have them working on Christmas Eve. She tries to find a good excuse so that she can finish her last-minute shopping. An elder man visits the store to apply for a job, but Eddie tells him that they haven't hired anyone new in a while. Later, the unemployed man is now dressed as Santa Claus and holds the entire store hostage. 
71 10 "The Crush" Ed Greenberg Demetrius Andre Bady January 19, 1999 6498-072
Andell holds a tutoring program at The Den, and Moesha decides to write an article about the tutoring sessions in hopes of winning a newspaper's journalism contest. One of Myles' friends named Justin reveals a story that he has trouble reading (only so he can be around Moesha). So, Moesha decides to write a story on Justin's illiteracy but she forgets one important thing-- she didn't check the facts after Justin lied about not being able to read. Meanwhile, Frank goes on a diet after he becomes slightly overweight. 
72 11 "Barking Up the Wrong Tree" Henry Chan Silvia Cardenas January 26, 1999 6498-071
Moesha worries a lot about Hakeem that since he took the job as Assistant Manager for Clayton, he's not gonna go to college, so with no choice, Moesha decides to confront his mother Ms. Bernetta Campbell. Meanwhile, Myles gets a dog for his gift but realizes that it's a lot of responsibilities as he thought it would be. 
73 12 "Life Imitating Art" Henry Chan Silvia Cardenas February 9, 1999 6497-051
During Black History Month, Moesha and students divide along racial lines after a protest over the lack of black representation in Antonio's mural of Mexican-American migrant workers. Meanwhile, Myles tries to win a new bike in a contest. 
74 13 "Ohmigod, Fanatic" Henry Chan Mara Brock Akil February 16, 1999 6498-076
Musical guest: LeAnn Rimes; Moesha and Kim have a fight over Kim's unprepared college plans. Later, MTV's "FANatic" picks Moesha to escort Kim to meet country singer LeAnn Rimes. LeAnn Rimes gives Kim and Moesha some good advice on how to remain good friends. Meanwhile, Hakeem accidentally sees Dee naked. 
75 14 "The Rite Stuff" Henry Chan Fred Johnson February 23, 1999 6498-073
Moesha and her friends participate in The Ladies of Eminence Debutante Ball, but Moesha has second thoughts because she's not interested in "high-class society." But she changes her mind when she learns that her former classmate Mary Ellen Hobbs is banned from the affair after getting pregnant. 
76 15 "I Love Moesha" Henry Chan Calvin Brown, Jr. March 2, 1999 6498-074
Moesha's singing dilemma is illustrated in a 1950s-style sitcom episode, of "I Love Lucy," about an audition for a Broadway revue. 
77 16 "Home is Where the Car Is" Henry Chan T. Smith III and James E. West II March 9, 1999 6498-077
Moesha is envious of a gifted, yet reclusive, classmate who is named valedictorian but she also learns that he's homeless and cleans tables in the school's cafeteria. Meanwhile, Frank thinks Myles is ready for the "talk." 
78 17 "Girls' Night In" William Allen Young Tamiko K. Brooks, Njeri Njuhigu, and Wayne Stamps March 30, 1999 6498-080
Moesha throws a slumber party with her girls, Kim and Niecy, to reflect on the good times they've spent together before they leave for college. 
79 18 "It Takes Two" Stan Lathan Ralph R. Farquhar, Vida Spears, and Sara V. Finney April 27, 1999 6498-081

Kim's mother Nikki, with the help of Dee decides to complete her high school diploma an opportunity she missed due to her pregnancy with Kim. Nikki manages to complete her diploma and tells Kim that she will be attending college with her. At registration, Kim is embarrassed of her mother and feels she is intruding on her life.

Note: This episode was a backdoor pilot episode for a "The Parkers" spinoff. 

80 19 "Had to Be You" Henry Chan Demetrius Andre Bady May 4, 1999 6498-078
Musical guest: Johnny Gill; After Andell thinks her relationship with Bernie is headed nowhere, Earl Thomas, Andell's college boyfriend, returns to rekindle the flame by proposing to her. Meanwhile, Frank overreacts to Dee's urge to keep a picture of a young man from her past. 
81 20 "The Prom" Tony Singletary Lena D. Wilson May 11, 1999 6498-082
Musical guest: Silk; It's prom time, but just hours before Moesha's date pulls out due to an injury. She decides to go anyway as she has been waiting for so long. Her friends all have dates but they are all far from perfect. At the prom Moesha meets a mystery man but he runs off before she can get to know him. Later the girls try to find out who he was. 
82 21 "Independence Day" Erma Elzy-Jones Jacque Edmonds May 18, 1999 6498-079
Moesha turns 18 and the gang decides to throw her a surprise birthday party but Kim spoils it by telling her. But the real surprise for Moesha is when all her former boyfriends, Ohagi, Q, Jeremy and Aaron, all stop by to show how they all want her back. But Moesha doesn't want to start over with any of them, except for her former teacher, Channing. After realizing that a relationship between them wouldn't work, Moesha and Channing both decide to just remain friends. 
83 22 "I Studied Twelve Years For This?" Henry Chan Calvin Brown, Jr. May 25, 1999 6498-083
Moesha, Hakeem and Niecy go across town for a graduation day brunch where Moesha's car breaks down an hour before the big event. After finding many solutions to finding a way to their graduation, Moesha, Hakeem and Niecy finally make it across the stage. But Moesha's post-graduation plans change when she gets a job offer with VIBE magazine.