Season 1 was based on moesha's life as she starts dating.

EPISODE GIUDE: Season 1: 1996[edit]Edit

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Series # Episode # Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production


1 1 "Pilot" Stan Lathan Ralph Farquhar, Sara V. Finney, and Vida Spears January 23, 1996 6495-001
Moesha tries to cope with her new step-mother Dee who is also a teacher at her school. She convinces her father Frank to let her go to the local hangout The Den where it is clear that she is dating poet Ohagi even though she is banned from dating until her 16th birthday. Moesha and Dee clash over Moesha's antics but after a betrayal, they come to an understanding about roles in this new family. 
2 2 "Friends" Stan Lathan Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears January 30, 1996 6495-002
Head cheerleader Ashli approaches Moesha with the opportunity to try out for the cheerleading squad but Moesha isn't interested. Aspiring cheerleader Kim persuades Moesha to audition with her for moral support. But when Kim makes the cut and Moesha doesn't, Moesha becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Frank learns that Dee is slightly older than he and begins to ridicule her. Hakeem goes into a feeding frenzy in hopes of making it on the basketball team. 
3 3 "Sixteen" Ted Lange Ralph Farquhar February 6, 1996 6495-004
Moesha turns 16 and is officially able to date. She anxiously enters the dating least wants to but no one asks her out. After reluctantly accepting a date with Ohagi, Dee has a heart-to-heart talk with Moesha about sex. 
4 4 "Hakeem Owes Moesha Big" Stan Lathan Calvin Brown, Jr. February 13, 1996 6495-003
Moesha loans Hakeem $20 but then has to wait for him to repay her. After two weeks, she angrily tracks him down and has to learn that his mother has been laid off from her job. With a little encouragement from the Mitchells, Hakeem applies for a job at the mall as athletic shoe salesman. 
5 5 "Million Boy March" Terri McCoy Fred Johnson February 20, 1996 6495-006
Musical guest: Jodeci, Moesha and Kim want to join the "Council of Concerned Youth," an all-male organization. Whitlock, the leader, doesn't believe in girls having the right to join and butts heads with independent Mo. But after Moesha provides good ideas for an upcoming fund-raiser, Whitlock reluctantly allows Moesha and Kim to join 
6 6 "Driving Miss Moesha" Terri McCoy T. Smith III and James E. West II March 5, 1996 6495-007
Frank surprises Moesha with a brand new car, but she declines the car because it's a Saturn and not the Jeep she wants. Standing her ground, Mo persuades her father to let her find her own car, but not without complications. 
7 7 "Chain, Chain, Chain" Terri McCoy Ron Neal March 12, 1996 6495-008
Moesha and her family receive individual chain letters. Non-believer Mo simply burns her letter and encourages the family to do the same. But with the results of the chain letters, in bad condition, tension starts to build up. 
8 8 "Job" Henry Chan Mara Brock Akil March 26, 1996 6495-010
Moesha and Kim land jobs in "market research" at the mall. Mo becomes excited at the prospect of earning her own money and getting a taste of adulthood, but she accepts a promotion that'll make her more responsible. 
9 9 "Niece" Terri McCoy Felicia D. Henderson April 9, 1996 6495-011
Moesha begins to see a side of Dee she hadn't opened her eyes to when Dee's niece Charisse visits to spend some time with her aunt. Meanwhile, Andell goes on a date with her old boyfriend Deion Sanders. 
10 10 "Reunion" Stan Lathan Felicia D. Henderson April 23, 1996 6495-005
Frank arranges a reunion of Moesha's old friends, including her closest friend, Matt, but when romantic sparks fly between Moesha and Matt, Frank's concern for Moesha's well-being leads him to advise against them dating. 
11 11 "The Ditch Party" Terri McCoy Silvia Olivas April 30, 1996 6495-012
Moesha competes with her locker partner Gabriella for an internship with the L.A. Times and, after Gabriella gets a killer story (thanks to Hakeem), Moesha has to write an even bigger story. So she writes an article about ditch parties which gets her into trouble after the vice principal gets hold of it. 
12 12 "Mother's Day" Terri McCoy Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears May 7, 1996 6495-009
Musical guest: Out of EdenMother's Day approaches and Frank makes plans to treat Dee to a holiday brunch at The Den, but Moesha, still mourning the loss of her mother, tries to have a close relationship with Dee. 
13 13 "Baby Love" Henry Chan Ron Neal May 14, 1996 6495-015
Frank and Dee announce they would like to have a baby. Moesha doesn't think that it's a good idea and tells Myles that if he agrees with them, he'll be replaced. But after realizing that she's denying Frank and Dee's chance to have a baby, Moesha gives them her blessing. Myles later runs away from home after feeling replaced by the newcomer after Frank forgets to spend time with him. 
14 14 "Hakeem's New Flame" Henry Chan Fred Johnson May 21, 1996 6495-014
Hakeem begins dating a beautiful girl from Hamilton High named Geneva, but Moesha soon misses his constant presence in her life. So Kim enlists her help in a scheme designed to break up the new relationship, after they learn that Geneva has been two-timing Hakeem. But Moesha's guilty conscience leads her to try to repair the damage. Meanwhile, Dee hooks Andell up with J.W., one of Frank's colleagues.