Moesha Mitchell
high school to college moesha does it all with her success!!!


15-16 (season 1)
16 (season 2)
16-17 (season 3)
17-18 (season 4)
18-19 (season 5)
19-20 (in season 6)


Marguerite Jennings-Mitchell (born in 1955, died in 1992, deceased)


Deidra Moss "Dee" Mitchell


Frank Mitchell


Dorian Long (half-brother)
Myles Mitchell

Love interests

Quinton 'Q' Brooks (ex-boyfriend) Hakeem Campbell (ex-boyfriend)





Moesha Denise Mitchell was a character on the UPN series, "Moesha." The show aired from January 23, 1996 through May 14, 2001. She was portrayed by R&B singer, Brandy Norwood.
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Little Moesha and her mother

Character InformationEdit

Moesha Denise Mitchell was born in Los Angeles, CA on January 30, 1981. Like many teens, Moesha's trying to find her place in life. At every turn, Moesha, along with her friends and family, experience new challenges and hilarious situations associated with the pressures and demands of growing up in an often confusing world. And lots of drama


One of Moesha's longest friendships is Kimberly Ann 'Kim' Parker (portrayed by Countess Vaughn). Moesha and Kim have been best friends since they were kids in preschool. Kim was closer to Moesha than any of Moesha's other friends. When Moesha, Kim, and Hakeem were younger they played a practical joke in 3rd grade on their subsitute teacher, Mrs. Lecount, which led their teacher to the emergency room, it is unknown if she is still alive or she died there but mentioned in one episode once. Even later on when they go to separate colleges, they still manage to keep in contact with each other.

Moesha's other childhood friend is Hakeem Campbell (portrayed by Lamont Bentley). Hakeem was not only Moesha's friend Hakeem was also the Mitchell's house guest. Hakeem stayed at the Mitchell's house for breakfast, dinner, and desert almost anything they ate he ate also during the early seasons. Moesha and Hakeem were very close and even formed a relationship with one another. Kim had wanted to date Hakeem since she met him but later when she reaches adulthood in college, she dates Michael (portrayed by Antwon Tanner). He is eventually killed in an oil rig explosion after the last two episodes in season 2 on the spinoff series "The Parkers", in early 2001, before the beginning of season 3. He died there and was not alive after the season 2 finale Hakeem has a mother named Bernetta Campbell (portrayed by Jo Marie Payton) that is very too serious about anything Hakeem does.

Moesha's other friend is named Niecy Jackson (portrayed by Shar Jackson). she is very smart and bright. In the beginning of the series she is just like Kim checking out every guy that passes her. Niecy is also seen arguing with Alicia, (a rival and later a roommate, portrayed by Alexis Fields) just like Moesha does when she and Moesha move into their college dorm. Niecy is also known to be very sexually active at times.

Moesha's oldest friend is Andell Wilkerson (seasons 1-5, portrayed by Yvette Wilson) who owns Moesha and her friends' favorite hangout "The Den". Andell helps Moesha and her friends out when she can at times. At the end of the fifth season on Moesha, Andell closes the den and opens up her own restaurant/bar named after her called "ANDELL'S" from seasons 3-5 on "The Parkers", from later 2001-2004, Moesha's spin off series.

The Andell Wilkerson character was written out of the series, Moesha for season 6 and she and Nicole Ann 'Nikki' Parker,(portrayed by Mo'nique Imes Jackson in the spinoff series "The Parkers") become ever loving and loyal best friends together. Andell is replacing Nikki's 1st friend and neighbor, Desiree Littlejohn (portrayed by Mari Morrow) in the second half of season 1 and all of seasons 2-5 in "The Parkers" who is no longer on the show and written out of the series and then she is not seen afterwards in the second half of season 1 and all of seasons 2-5. Mari Morrow's (Desiree Littlejohn) character was on the show for only 7 episodes of it till November 1999. She left the show and was removed from it that year in 1999 and was not seen after it.


During the series Moesha's biggest love is Quinton 'Q' Brooks (portrayed by Fredro Starr). Moesha and Q were on/off throughout the series. Q was eventually written out of the show but later Moesha and Q became engaged until Q wanted to pawn off the engagement ring and when Moesha refused to give up the ring, Q got upset and didn't want Moesha to help him out ever at all. Moesha then decided that she could do better than Q and broke up with him.

The other guy Moesha fell for would be her long time best friend Hakeem Campbell. Hakeem and Moesha were also on and off towards the end of the series. When Moesha told Hakeem she broke up with Q, Hakeem was excited.. Moesha and Hakeem continued to be a couple until the end of the series. Then later in the spin-off "The Parkers", it's revealed Moesha and Hakeem are no longer dating after. Hakeem later dated Kimberly Ann Parker's best friend, Stevie Van Lowe (portrayed by Jenna Von Oy) on the spinoff series "The Parkers."



  • Frank Mitchell (father)
  • Marguerite Jennings-Mitchell (mother, dead; died, passed away; deceased, R.I.P.)
  • Deidra Moss 'Dee' Mitchell (stepmother)


  • Myles Mitchell (brother)
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    Moesha Mitchell

  • Dorian Long (paternal half brother from Barbara Lee)


  • Roosevelt Mitchell (paternal grandfather)
  • Ruth Jennings Mitchell (maternal grandmother)
  • Bernie Mitchell (paternal uncle;in a relationship with Andell Wilkerson)

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