Marguerite Jennings-Mitchell (1955-1992), Beloved Wife and Mother, Marguerite passed away, she died. Rest in Peace (R.I.P.) to you Marguerite, you will always be remembered and you will be so deeply and sorely missed.

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Marguerite Jennings-Mitchell is the deceased mother of 2 children, Moesha Mitchell and Myles Mitchell and the deceased wife and spouse of Frank Mitchell.

We've lost our good friend, Marguerite she was born in 1955 and passed away of a disease and sickness at a local Los Angeles, CA hospital in 1992, she died there and she was dead. Frank then cheated on Marguerite with his then later, other wife and spouse Barbara Lee. Then his new wife sucked him up real good then Frank married her.
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Little Moesha and her mother