Dorian "D-Money" Long

Dorian Antonio Long was a character on the UPN series, "Moesha," replacing Countess Vaughn's, ("Kimberly Ann 'Kim' Parker"), Moesha's old best friend since preschool. He was portrayed by Ray J. Norwood, Brandy Norwood's real-life younger brother.

Character InformationEdit


Frank Mitchell (biological father/adoptive uncle)
Barbara Lee (biological mother)
Sandy Mitchell Long (adoptive mother/biological aunt)
Samuel Long (adoptive father)
Deidra 'Dee' Moss Mitchell (stepmother)
Marguerite Jennings-Mitchell (stepmother while he was born/passed away in 1992, R.I.P./deceased)

Moesha Mitchell (biological sister/adoptive cousin;engaged to Quinton 'Q' Brooks)
Myles Mitchell

Aunts and Uncles
Bernie Mitchell (adoptive uncle;in a relationship with Andell Wilkerson)
Sandy Mitchell (biological aunt)
Roosevelt Mitchell

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